I don’t know what it is, but I’m always rooting for people who have either messed up big time or those who have been dealt a poor hand! I just LOVE the underdog story!! I love to see people who everyone counted out make it to the top!

Some of it probably comes from my own experiences in life! Seeing my Father overcome drug addiction. Seeing my Mama take care of 3 children for many years by herself. Seeing us go from Hotel Homeless to Movin’ On Up like the Jefferson’s.  It’s just a story that gives me hope! I loved to see people redeemed and brought back to a good place!

So…I LOVED Chris Brown’s performance on the BET Awards. First of all I LOVE MJ. He was my first boyfriend (Billy Jean MJ) and will always have a special place in my heart. No one can convince me that he touched little boys… I don’t care what you say!! LOL. I was so disappointed in the tribute that BET threw together last year. It was just a disgrace…BUT OOOOHHHH did they make it up to us MJ fans this year! Having Chris Brown do the tribute was what they should have done in the first place. I wonder if B, JayZ, and ReRe boycotted?? Anyway, regardless of the trouble Chris Brown got into, he is a phenomenal talent and I KNOW he made Michael proud!

HE KILLED IT!! And to make it even better he cried and couldn’t even sing Man In The Mirror! That really touched me. It seemed like it was more than a performance or a song. It was like he was repenting before God and all of us witnesses. I mean if that was fake then I guess I have no clue as to what is real! I am not saying for one minute that beating up ReRe was right, but I can connect with being so wrong and having a strong desire to be right again and wanting to gain back the trust of those I love!

The thing that kills me is that we live in such an unmoral and unforgiving society. We really know how to kick someone when they’re down. We have no concept of what it means to restore someone and build them back up. That’s why people really need to experience the love of Christ. It makes Underdogs, TOPDOGS! ROOOO ROOOO!!!