A picture of me playing around infront of a "Juno" statue. I have my jacket stuff under my shirt! Don't get happy! LOL

Okay… so I’ve finally gotten to the place where I want to have a baby!! yes… I said it! Believe me, I’m shocked too! As the months progress I get even more excited wondering if we should just start trying now or wait! Before the thought of having a baby was followed by an immediate “HELL TO THE NAW” LOL!! I figured I had too much life to be living. Ain’t no baby gon’ tie me down!

Living Single

Now, of course pregnancy was a definite no-no before marriage. In fact I would go to any measure to not get pregnant! Except the measure of ABSTAINING…DUH Dani LOL!! I was not a hoe (let’s clarify THAT), BUT I wasn’t holy either! I remember the anxiety of my period being late. Wasting money on pregnancy tests that were always negative. One time I was so paranoid that I took a test in a McDonald’s bathroom. Thank God those days are over!

Newly Wed

Once I got married pregnancy still had a “STOP!!! Do NOT PASS GO!!! DO NOT COLLECT $200” sign.  I would tell people “The hubby and I must have ‘our time'”. “We have to travel”, “We need to be more established first”, “People really shouldn’t have kids so quickly. I mean people don’t even stay married these days, and having a kid in the picture just makes the split harder… Not that we’d ever get divorced but…”. These are all GREAT reasons right? All valid points… Too bad I wasn’t being honest with myself! Really, I was very fearful. “You’re not whole! You can’t bring a baby into this world!”, “You’re not even a good wife. How can you be a good Mother?”, “You’re going to get FAT!”, “What if you can’t have children?”, “Kiss your career GOODBYE!”.

The Present

So, It’s been 3 years. Hubby and I are going strong and getting stronger. Have all my goals been met? Nope. Haven’t traveled a whole lot. I’m still trying to “get on” career wise. We are definitely not as established as we want to be, yet I feel like I’m ready to be a mommy… well that was a strong statement. Not ready, but ready for God to make me ready! LOL I mean what am I waiting for?? If anything a little Dani/Kel will enrich our lives, not stifle it! There is another side of me that I haven’t even met yet! A whole level of love that I haven’t tapped into. I’m excited to experience it all!

Alicia Keys scared Prince and us all when she got on top of that piano! Go Licia!! lol

Am I still vain and superficial and worried about loosing my gorgeous figure… YES, but Alicia Key’s inspired me… I mean if she can look adorable, and fly, still perform, and climb on top of a freakin piano why can’t I?? Aren’t I a Super Woman too??