I’ve been on Big Sister, God Mommy, Auntie duty for a week now, and I LOVE IT! I am having a blast with “my babies” as I call them. They really are fascinating kids. Smart and insightful, and Saved lol! Synia, my 8 year old niece and god-daughter has declared that people who believe in the Big Bang Theory simply need to go to church. Mishal, my 11 year old baby sister, is convinced that folks that believe we evolved from apes are weirdo’s! lol

They are so black and white in their perceptions and ideas. They still know truth from a lie, the real from the fake, wrong from right, and good from bad. It really makes me think about what happened to the rest of us. What age did we start to see in grey? What circumstances caused our vision to become blurry?

Maybe it was college for me…Or the fact that I was afraid of being persecuted for what I really believed. Somehow, I lost my black and white vision. As my vision turned grey, my life also turned grey.  I began to become indifferent. I stopped giving my all to any one or anything. Those are the most dangerous types of people. I can respect someone who is black and white because I know where they are coming from. Those grey folks are not against ya, but they sho’ ain’t fo’ ya!

I am so happy to say I’m not living in “The Grey” anymore. This transformation God is doing in my life is building my confidence. I’m secure enough in myself and Gods word to speak the truth in love.  I’m glad I’m seeing clearly now; and having my Babies around help me see how freeing it is to live in Black and White!

however the barfing and bickering, and taking FOREVER to get ready I can do without! lol