Hey y’all!! I haven’t blogged in SO long it feels like! I’ve been super busy, but i’m back!!

Okay so, i’ve been doing a show as a character that shall remain nameless at a resort park who’s name I won’t mention…

It started off like many other jobs. I was excited about the show, excited to be working. Needless to say that slowly faded away. The magic definitely disappeared and I was left working a part-time gig that I hated. I LOVE performing so it wasn’t that. It just became mundane and so easy that I could be thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner during the show! It got so bad that I wouldn’t even invite people to come see it, and if I saw a random person I knew in the audience I would want to crawl under a rock and hide! “THIS IS NOT WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!!” lol

So, I prayed “Lord PLEASE give me another gig… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Something that will challenge me and push me as an actor.” Time passed… nothing…. more time passed…. nothing. Then I heard God say “Stop asking me to take you out of this job. Ask me for the grace to finish!” AWE MAAAAAN!!!! So, I took that to mean that I would be stuck doing this job until September. So I took my thumb out of my mouth and stopped pouting. I was determined to do what God told me to do. I stopped complaining. I asked him to make me strong enough to finish, and with a positive attitude.

Just when I wasn’t looking for it or coveting it I was offered a NEW GIG!!! Not only is it new, but it’s exactly what I prayed for. A show that will push me and challenge me as an actor. In fact,  it’s a Show With One Actor so me and God will have to pull this one off!

Am I ready for the challenge? YES!!!! Maybe that other job was good for something. It taught me how to press thru and not give up. It taught me endurance… exactly what I will need for this next gig!

Free at Last… Can the CHURCH SAY AMEN???