Hello all!!

It’s been a while since I blogged, but i wanted to share this. In our Small Groups (www.tlrmovement.com) we are doing a study on John 15. Staying connected to the vine and baring fruit in our lives. So our assignment was to pick a fruit and give it a persona. At our meeting we were to share what we came up with. People wrote poems, songs, Top Five’s…etc. Really fun! I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!! Anyway, I’m in Sacramento performing my heart out so i’m not able to go to small group, but i wanted to still participate and be connected! so this is what I came up with! :0)

Lemonade For Sale!!

By Danielle Truitt

So one day I got a surprise phone call from The Man Upstairs. I was really really shocked because He has never reached out to me in that way before. I felt really special, but I didn’t want to come off too excited because it might have been bad news…

(Phone Rings)

God: Hey Dani!

Dani: (hesitant) Hey God…How are you?

God: Oh, i’m doing great! Got a lot of work to do today, but it’s all worth it!

Dani: Yeah, I bet… Wow. I can’t believe you’re calling me!! (nerves laugh) I’m not in trouble am I? God i know my thoughts have been pretty sketchy these past few weeks and i’m trying my best-

God: Dani, Dani, Dani!!! No explaination needed. I heard you when you said that quick prayer on Saturday. We’re good, that’s not what i’m calling about.

Dani: OH! (laugh) okay God… whew… So how can I help you?

God: Well i’m sending you something. Just something to inspire you and show you what I think about you!

Dani: Really God? Thanks so much! I can’t wait!

So around 3pm I went to check the mail. Nothing. Disappointed I returned to my door step to find a Lemon sitting on top of a letter. I was totally confused. I thought to myself “Why is there a lemon sitting on my porch? This can’t be what God was sending me!” I mean a present from God would at least be delivered thru UPS and i’d definitely have to sign for it…. RIGHT?!? So I picked up the Lemon and letter and went into the house.

Dani: Bentley… calm down!!

I sat on my couch and slowly opened the letter. Then I began to read.

Dani: Dear Danielle,

I know you are confused as to why I sent you a lemon. You were expecting something much bigger or even better. These days your expectations are huge and I really love that about you, but make sure you see me in the small things too! So, this lemon. This lemon represents you and the call I have put on your life! Though the fruit and its juice have a sour taste to it, lemon is actually a fantastic buffer in the body. Lemon juice and peels have an antiseptic effect and the leaves of the tree are used to reduce fever. In addition, lemons are rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and acting as an antioxant, protects cells from radical damage. Lemons as a therapeutic usage helps anti-inflammatory action. It helps the body cleanse itself by promoting perspiration and acting as a natural diuretic. Kind of gross, but necessary. Lemons also stimulate the appetitie, aids digestion, strengthens body defense system, relieves cramps and also dilates the blood vessels in the skin. Lemons are known for lots of useful remedies.

So, I know you are wondering what all this means. I have given you a very unique personality and make up. I have gifted you in so many areas and sometimes you wonder why and what for. Every single part of you is for my glory. Although you are not by nature, the sweetest fruit, you are an essential part to the healing of my people, and the body of Christ. I will use you as an example of strength and resilience. You will help others to see and access the power that I have put inside of them! Because I have created you to be a “buffer in the body” your antiseptic nature will help protect my flock and will equip them to fight off the attack of the enemy. You will stand for righteousness, and you will be able to recognize and call out the spirit of pride because of your therapeutic nature that helps anti-inflammatory action. Through the arts you will inspire people and “stimulate the appetite” for excellence! You will help people get to core of exactly who they are and let go of the waste they are carrying! I know that most of the things I have called you to are things that you struggle with. I did this on purpose so that you and the body will know that it is I who is doing this work in you!

Don’t worry about how people look at you. Those who judge you, and despise your sour taste. Those who say that all you are is a sour lemon. They don’t know you like I do. I love you and I have called you according to my purpose!

As an extra token of my love I attached a small bag of sugar. Cut open your lemon and squeeze out some juice. Add some sugar to your juice. now all you need is a little water and it becomes a tasty treat!! This is something special I want you to have when things get hard and the call of ministry weighs on your shoulders. I love you Dani!

Till we meet in Paradise,

God The Father

Dani begins cutting the lemon. She squeezes some juice into a cup and then adds some sugar. She begins to cry. Tears fall into her cup.

Dani: (Crying tears of joy) … I think I just made lemonade… Thanks God…