This past Saturday I went to PIHOP (Pasadena International House Of Prayer). On Saturday evenings they have what they call prophetic prayer. My church, The LivingRoom, took a field trip there in April, but I wasn’t able to go because I had just given birth a couple weeks prior. Needless to say it was worth the wait!
I was in desperate need of an encouraging word from God. I needed clarification, and confirmation. Well I got that and more! I am still completely overwhelmed by what God spoke to me through the prophetic teams. Some of it I am still trying to digest, but one thing that has been playing back in my head since Saturday is “God is saying yes to you… yes, yes, yes”. If God is saying Yes to me then there is nothing that I cannot dream, pursue, plan, do and prepare for! The promises God has placed on my heart will be fulfilled.

I realized I don’t have many Haters in my life. Not “Lebron James” hates atleast (lol)! I have very supportive people that I am connected to for the most part. The problem is that I hate on myself!! I get these ideas of things I want to do and then while I’m planning I talk myself out of it! I literally put myself down and tell myself that what I’m dreaming of is impossible. “You don’t have the money” “You’re not talented enough”, “no one is going to come”, ” your friends & family just support you because they have to not because you’re really that talented or amazing”, and the list of hateration goes on until I put yet another idea on the shelf waiting to be validated by someone outside of myself and God. What THE HECK DANIELLE MONE’!? Well I’m sick and tired of MYSELF!! I am SO SERIOUS when I say this. Where did this fear come from? When did I become so insecure in this area?

The Bible says that perfect love cast out all fear! God loves me fully and perfectly and He is saying YES YES YES TO ME! I think somehow I forgot how much God loves me. How much favor He has placed on my life! Or maybe I never really believed He loved and favored me in the first place. That sounds crazy to say but as sad as it is, I think it may be true. In any case, I’m taking His yes, His love and favor and I’m running with it! I will not be held back by the doubt in my own mind. By this enemy that is myself!

If God says Yes, who can say no?