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Save The Date:
One Woman Show “3”
to open September 16, 2011

“3”, the first installment of the “Nappy Hair and Other Black Girl Blues” series, takes a look at the lives of three women connected by friendship and history. Concieved and performed by Danielle Mone` Truitt. Written by Anthony D’Juan. “3” captures the break down and growth of female esteem rooted around hair.

“3” will premire at The Living Room in Los Angeles, California. Show dates and times TBA.

Our Campaign!!!

Help us produce “3”!! We have until September 15th to meet our goal! So far we’ve raised $100 of our $4500 goal. How can you help? It’s easy! Just click the link below and find out about our awesome show, what cool perks you get for your support, then DONATE!! 


Okay, this story CRACKED me UP!!! I’M not sure
how many of you heard about it! Rihanna unveiled
the cover art for her next single “Man Down” via
Twitter a couple months ago. Meanwhile a pseudo fan
was more focused on her hair in the photo than her
actual choice for the next single.


Rihanna’s response after the jump: 


I literally laughed out loud when I read this! I almost screamed
“yaaaaaaaaassss Ri Ri yaaaaass”! lol!!Her response was hilarious,
but I loved it because she didnt shy away. Although many of our
African Americanfemale celebrities rock  straight weaves on the
regular they too have to deal with ignorance. As i read further
@NinyaBella states that she really meant that her hair looked ratty.
Well why didn’t she use that term? Is the term “Nappy” interchangable
with “Ratty”? I guess it would have been “Ratty” if Rihanna was not black!
The term “Nappy” continues to carry a negitave connotation,
and is constantly used as an insult. Do we embrace
this term as black females? Or fight against the reference at all cost?
Whatever your thoughts, we are constantly
faced with ” Nappy Hair and Other Black Girl Blues”.