We’ve been picking the brains of Women of Color over the past couple days to get their perspective on hair, relationships, and self esteem as we get ready to open our show “3” on September 16th! The first installment of the three- part series “Nappy Hair and Other Black Girl Blues”.

Today’s question has got some amazing and hilarious responses. Here are some of the comments below! Let’s keep the discussion going. Your life stories will help this series come to life! Be apart of he magic!! We encourage you add your 2 cents to the mix, via Facebook or RIGHT HERE!




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WhAt iS THe FunniESt or MOST abSurD CoMMeNT yOu’VE RecIEvED ABouT YouR HAIR?!

Stefany Marie ‎”Would you mind if I touch it? I’ve always thought it would have a sponge-like texture….” o_O

LeVonne Terrell You Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday??… Don’t They know How Much Work That Would Be To Wash Our Hair Every Single Night When We Shower??? LOL

Chloe Richardson ‎”So do you have to braid your hair every day to get it like that?” “Umm these are locks…. Not braids.”

Bryanna Davis White Girl- Omg!! your hair! It grew so FAST. (day after fresh weave) me- uhhh yeah.. Ok.

Natoya Evans Lady:I love your peoples hair.
Me: huh?
Lady: it feels like cotton
Me: um ok conversation over #dropsthemicandwalksaway

Rachel Marie One of my favorites “you glue them (tracks) in? Ok so like with hot glue or elmers” I told her elmers lol

Sharla Sizzle Oh this is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard..(from a black guy SMDH).. “light skinned people have long hair and theyre smart and dark skin people have short hair and that makes them less smarter” no joke

Jenevieve Hutchison One day back in elementary school while I was using the restroom, a few girls that I didn’t even know came up and started asking me about my hair. Then one of them said, “Let’s count how many braids she has,” and wouldn’t let me leave until they were done. 129 braids later…..


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