I think it’s funny that people try to “correct” the spelling of my middle name from “Monè” which is the way my middle name is spelled, to “Monet”, which is the spelling they think is correct. My Mother chose to spell my middle name that way. It wasn’t a mistake. It makes me unique and I love it.
I become slightly irritated when
I send someone the correct spelling of my name and they take it upon themselves to decide that my middle name is spelled wrong based on their own knowledge of what it should be. Or their own fear that I somehow spelled it wrong and it will make them and their project (program, news article) look bad.

In thinking about this it dawned on me that it is the same with knowing who you are as a person and being confident in the personality, gifts and essence that you were given by God. To others it may seem that what you were given is flawed in some way because it doesnt look like what others think it should. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! What you were given is exactly what you were meant to have and it is what makes you unique and qualified for a specific purpose.
When you go against that or let people try to mold and change you into what works for them and not you, you are not being true to who you are.
In reality maybe my middle name should  be spelled “Monet” according to grammatical standards. However, that’s not the name I was given so the only standard to adher to is that of the giver.

It is the same with who you are. You may feel like a square peg trying to fit in a round whole. YOU ARE!!  GO FIND SOMETHING SQUARE! LOL! You may feel like the essence of who you are is not good enough for others. Remember, they did not create you, they are not the one who qualifies you. It is your creator who does that. Trust God enough to know that what he made is GOOD. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

If you notice God didn’t say it was very good because He got approval from others, but because HE SAID IT WAS GOOD. Because He believed it was good. There was no one else around anyway. He had to have the confidence to declare it was good! Lol!
Let’s carry the same confidence as our creator! Say it with me “I AM VERY GOOD just the way I am!!” Believe it and just be who you are!!

So when i start feeling less than or like im trying to be something im not to please others i will remind myself of this… I AM VERY GOOD…

Oh and it’s Danielle MONÈ NOT Danielle Monet

Be encouraged today ya’ll!
1 Timothy 4:4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving