Let’s F.L.Y

This is an email I sent to some loved ones almost 4 years ago about some insight God gave me about a Isaiah 40:31! Totally God inspired! It’s like He was giving me a glimps of what my life is like now and I didn’t even know it!

Isaiah 40:31

31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Last night I was at praise and worship rehearsal (the more I grow the funnier that title sounds to me) anyway, after worship we were talking about God renewing our strength, and someone brought up the Isaiah 40:31. They were talking about it in regards to being weak and God renewing your strength. You have to be weak in order for your strength to be renewed. You also have to have had strength in the first place. I understood all of that, but for some reason the meaning of the scripture kept nagging at me. God was telling me that I needed to know what the scripture truly meant.

Many times we get bogged down with the cares of the world. Bills, bills, bills, that husband we want to come, or that job that still hasn’t come. People keep telling us to “wait on the lawd chile’.” We take this as mindless idle waiting. We hate to wait. I envision myself sitting on a bus stop bench. I see a bus approaching. I get all my stuff together just to realize that it really isn’t my bus at all. The bus’ keep passing me by. There is an occasional one that drives over a puddle and splashes me with mud! Then sometimes I get on the wrong bus and it takes me all around town, and I have to get on 50 different bus’ to get to my destination. So I think, well I definitely don’t want to get on the wrong bus so I better sit there and wait until something shows up. (the Jeopardy tune)

As I really looked at the scripture I began to look up words that I thought I already knew the meaning of. You know I do have a degree! Haha. First I looked up “wait on” or “wait upon.” The first definition I saw was “To work for or be a servant.” The second was “To remain or rest in expectation.” Yes, the light bulb went off!! So waiting on the lord is not like waiting for the bus (DUHHHH). First you have to wait with an expectation (after all the word “wait” is a verb). You’re looking for something. Like that check you were supposed to get in the mail. More importantly it really means to wait ON Him. To be a servant of Christ. To submit your will to His. To do the things that he has commanded you to do. To serve in ministry. To seek him. Hebrews 11:6 says “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” One of his rewards is the renewal of strength. So if he is going to renew our strength then that means the he already gave us some in the first place. He is going to bring our strength into being again; he will reestablish it.

Okay, so not only is he going to reestablish your strength, then he says you will mount you up on wings as eagles. When I think about this I think about me gliding in the air like an eagle. Just coastin’. Not worrying about a thing. So, I looked up mount. The first definition I found was “Get on back of.” So I thought “wow, that’s cool. So I really don’t have to trip because God is the eagle or the wings. He is going to take me to where I need to be.” Then I saw another definition that kinda blew me away. It said “An object to which another is affixed or on which another is placed for accessibility, display, or use.” hahahahahahahaha!!!!! God is so awesome because basically he is telling us that if we wait on him he will make us accessible to all his blessings. We will be a display of God’s greatness and glory to others. Most importantly we will be of good use in his kingdom. God can’t use people who have no strength. His whole reason for creating you is for you to give him glory. Don’t you think he will give you what you need to make sure that gets done? The problem is we don’t want to give him glory, we want to glorify ourselves. That only leads to being weary, faint, and ultimately to death.

The scripture also says you will run and not be weary. Run means to move without hindrance or resistance, and weary means having ones interest, forbearance, or indulgence worn out. So God is saying that you will be able to move without hindrance or resistance in your life.  God will open every door according to His will for your life. God said we could have it all and that we will be content when we get it. We won’t get worn out, or dissatisfied with our lives because our lives are centered around Him!!! Lastly, he tells us we will walk and not faint. The walk refers to your walk with God. The definition says “To conduct oneself or behave in a particular manner; live.” He’s going to give you the strength to live this life. To walk the narrow path that he has set before you, and you won’t faint. You won’t lack strength or vigor or become feeble.You won’t lack conviction, boldness, or courage. You won’t become timid. Living for God is HARD… it’s a constant fight and struggle!

If you look at the passage he basically says wait on the Lord and you will fly, then run and then walk. Flying is about God. We would all rather fly to New York then run. When we fly people will see God. Running is about living righteously. Obeying the word and what God commands us to do! Track runners run toward a goal, and then there is a reward at the end. He will open all kinds of doors for us when we obey Him. Walking is about your personal relationship with God. It’s about character. You notice that even in everyday life we judge people by the way they walk sometimes. “Oh she must be fast because she is switchin’ them hips a little too much.” Or what about the guys that walk with a pimp limp? “Yeah,they think they’re all that.” Your walk shows your character. Let’s look at it in reverse order: If you wait on God and walk right God will let you run, and when the speed of your run picks up you will begin to fly. Then you will be doing what God created you for. Giving him GLORY!!!!

So let’s FLY…First Love to say Yes!!!!


“May I Take Your Order”

One of the top jobs for Actors and Actresses while they’re waiting for their big break is a job as a Waiter or Waitress. Personally, I have never worked as a waitress because I made a vow to myself that I never would. For a few reasons. The first reason is that I have horrible feet. They are flat and I have bunions (inherited from my Mother, and Grandmothers). The 2nd reason is that I would probably get fired for telling a rude guest where to go… Lol. I really do have a low tolerance for inconsiderate, and ungrateful people. God is working with me in this area! :o)

They say there are great perks to being a waitress. You get great tips, and they say you could meet a famous director and become a movie star over night. The reality is that probably won’t happen… to me at least. Nope, I know my road is one of hard work, divine appointments, and lots of faith. I’m totally okay with that!
The funny thing that I’ve now realized is that, although I’ve managed to stay away from serving in the food industry, God has called me to serve in His ministry.  I’ve been a waitress all along! I’ve been waiting on God. About 4 years ago God spoke to me about Isaiah 40:30 “They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint.” I actually wrote something on it. I guess I’ll have to post that too! To think that he chose to encourage me 4 years ago about where I’m at now is mind-blowing, and shows his amazing love for me!

I was reminded today of the difference between waiting on God and waiting for God! BIG DIFFERENCE!! You see the person who waits for God does nothing. They are the person you’re meeting for lunch. They’ve arrived early and are now waiting “For” you to arrive. The Waitress or Waiter on the other hand, makes it his or her business to wait “on” the other people their assigned to in the restaurant and then waits on you when you arrive.  “Can I get you started with a drink?” “Let me know when you’re ready to order”. “How does everything taste?” “Would you like dessert?” “Can I wrap that up for you?” “Here is your check. Have a great day!” Don’t you hate when the waiter never checks on you and then expects a tip?  Or they rush you to pay lol?

Gods desire is for us to wait ON Him. He encouraged me today by letting me know that I am in the perfect place. While I’m waiting for my blessing I am working in ministry. I am exploring other gifts God has given me. I am waiting “ON” him. That is why as tough as things get sometimes I have this hope deep within me that says its going to get better! That is why I’m discoving levels of my personality and identity that i’v enever explored before. So I encourage you to stop waiting FOR God to do something. YOU DO SOMETHING!!! Start waiting ON God. There are things He wants to develope in us while we wait on Him. Skills that you never thought you’d need, but that are essential for the blessing that’s coming!

Check out my next post about what it means to wait on God.

Be Blessed!

Deleted Scenes

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an actress. I love theatre and want to be a movie star!! There…I said it! The road to becoming a movie star will make you quit if you don’t have some great hiking boots (Thick Skin), a map (Talent) and a water bottle (Faith and an Agent), and even with those things it’s HARD! So while things have been slow I’ve had a lot of time to do some training and self-reflection!! The training parts great… self- reflection…mmmm… we have a love hate relationship!

I think about those people who have movies made about their lives, or books written. There are a lot of exciting and heartbreaking things that happened in their lives. The editors or writers take the most moving parts and tie them together to make a movie because no one ever wants to see the moments when they were just sitting on the coach looking at the wall in a daze. Or picking their nose, and trying to figure out how to get the booger to stop sticking to their finger (that would be hilarious LOL). People want drama, people want excitement, people want passion!

Right now in my life I feel like I’m in the nose picking stage. Just picking my nose waiting for something amazing to happen. No one wants to watch this part of my life! This scene would be on the editing room floor. Although this blog is called “Deleted Scenes” I’m not even sure these scenes would make it to the deleted scenes section!  

People ask “so what you got going on now??” I see the discomfort in their eyes when I reply “oh…nothing…”. Because of this awkward moment I usually try to think of something kind of interesting that I can share so that I don’t bore them to tears!! After all, these people are watching my life. Waiting to clap, shout, cry, or say “Hey!!! Don’t go in that closet girl!!! The guy with the knife is in there!!”

If I had a remote control for my life I would be very tempted to fast forward thru this part, but fortunately I am realizing that every second of my life counts for something. Every minute leads to another one, and then the next minute to another! I also know that there is one person that will sit thru my entire life story with popcorn and a cherry (red) slurpee. He is truly my biggest fan. He loves these nose picking scenes the most because that is where He sees my growth, my patience, my endurance, and my faith in Him. He also knows the next scene will be the one that everyone is waiting for! That scene that got Halle an Oscar (Well not really) but you know what I mean. That really great scene where you’re sitting at the edge of your seat saying “WOW!! I can’t believe that just happened, but her performance was sensational. I wonder who her acting coach is??”