Hey hey! I’M BACK! LOL

I literally haven’t blogged in almost a year. Crazy right? So much has happened since then!

The biggest change to date is that I’m a MOMMY! I’m still a little in shock! I was changing my little angels diaper the other day and I looked in the mirror and thought ” what am I doing with a baby?? I’m only 16!” Lol. The fact of the matter is that yes, Jackson Elias Truitt is definitely MY baby and I’m definitely 30 not 16! Yes, the big 3-0, 30, THIRTY FREAKING YEARS OLD! Where did the time go?
I really feel like this is a brand new beginning for my life. With any beginning you have no clue where it’s going. I’ve never been here before but I know it is the start of something incredible. I watch my Son and I feel like his life and physical growth will mirror my spiritual growth and manifestation of my dreams into reality.
So, I’m excited to be back! I created this blog for the purpose of transparency and freedom! Cant wait to share my thoughts, triumphs and failures with you in hopes that you will do the same!  More posts coming soon!